Looking after your well-being

At luxdag we source the best designs from around the world, make them even better and then quickly and simply deliver them to your home. We are your one-stop shop – from design through to sale. And we can also offer you attractive prices, as we consciously avoid using middlemen, ensuring you always get the best products at the best price!

Our Designs

Our team is constantly on the look out for new and exciting product ideas from around the world. Before we launch a new design, it is exhaustively tested until it meets our exacting standards.


We do not focus on specific categories or sectors. What matters at luxdag, is that every product you would like to own is a good product.


Nevertheless, all designs have one thing in common: we love them and are convinced that you will love them too!

Our materials

We attach great importance to sophisticated materials. Our products are intended to bring you joy for many years to come and not break after a short period of use.


To meet these exacting standards, our team thoroughly checks all the materials we use before they can be offered for sale, ensuring guaranteed lasting enjoyment from your luxdag product!

Our prices

We consciously avoid using middlemen and design all products ourselves. Our lean corporate structure and low marketing budget go one step further, enabling us to offer you our designs at unbeatable prices.

Our service

Straightforward and fast service is very important to us. Nevertheless, shipping, delivery and customer contact are important elements of your buying process.


We believe that a product is only half as good without good service. Our team therefore endeavours to be available to you day and night and to organise shipping and delivery as quickly as possible.